Swindon Festival of Choirs 2015

On Sunday 12 July, the Pewsey Belles were on stage as part of the Swindon Choir Festival which took place at the Bowl in the Old Town Gardens.

This event was the idea of Lynette Corengia who sings in the GWH Choir and was designed to help raise money for the Open Door Charity which has recently lost some of its funding.  The ladies had a 30 minute slot during the afternoon. Some of the songs included:  Bridge over Troubled Water, Something Inside So Strong, May it Be and Hallelujah Get Happy.

The Pewsey Belles were singing as 1 of 4 choirs under the direction of Jules Addison, their Musical Director and as such had the opportunity to sing alongside two of Jules’ other choirs.  First they sang ‘This Little Light of Mine’ with the GWH Trust Choir from the Great Western Hospital in Swindon.  The Pewsey Belles ended their set by singing Anthem alongside Cirencester Male Voice Choir which was a rousing sound of nearly 70 voices on stage.

The British weather decided to make itself known and it rained quite heavily for most of the afternoon. Despite this there was a good audience throughout the Pewsey Belles set and initial estimates suggest the event raised over £1000 for charity.

Below are a few photographs from the event.

Pewsey Belles
The Pewsey Belles on Stage
Pewsey Belles
The Pewsey Belles
Pewsey Belles
Pewsey Belles & Cirencester Male Voice Choir


Jules Addison is Musical Director for The BlueBellesThe Pewsey BellesCirencester Male Voice Choir, The GWH Trust Choir and Transeamus Chamber Choir

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