An Evening with The Pewsey Belles in Milton Lilbourne

It was indeed lovely to spend an evening with the Pewsey Belles last Thursday in Milton Lilbourne Church. The weather was pleasant and the church was nicely full, anticipating the start of the evening. All the ladies congregated outside to be let in the Church and arranged themselves in an orderly manor at the front of the church ready to warm up. Luckily, the choirmaster arrived after rushing from a rehearsal with Great Western Harmony, changing en route, for a quick warm up and sound check. All was well, and after a huge sigh of relief from the choir the music began with “Sway”. There was almost enough room to sway, Heaven Help Us All!

This was followed by Jill’s excellent Solo performance of that Ole Devil Called Love, then Jules on the Organ for a very lively rendition of Bellman’s Toccata. This was followed by Ellie, Jill’s daughter, singing a beautiful love song in French with words from a Poem by Victor Hugo. It was delightful and gentle.  Good luck for your grade 8 singing exam Ellie.
The Belles then reformed to take us Somewhere over the Rainbow to find This Little Light of Mine. An enjoyable first Half.
Wine in the interval is always a risk where our performance is concerned, but there were smiles and congratulations from the audience who also very much appreciated the refreshments.
Back to face the audience with “Say a little prayer”, a lively performance, followed with “Let Me Go” to “Bridge Over Troubled Water”. Next came a trio from Melanie, Amanda and Elaine singing Only Time.
It takes courage to form a trio and it’s very different from singing as part of the larger group, but the ladies blended beautifully in voice and it was lovely to hear their version of “Only Time”.
Shelly followed with her beautiful Solo of “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes”, and then continued singing the A Cappella Trio with Vicky and Jill about “That Lonesome Road”.
Pewsey Belles Ladies Choir
Shelly, Jill and Vicki
The Belles then finished the evening with “Run”, a new song greatly appreciated but the choir and the listeners, which saw them end the concert with a lively and fairly fast rendition “The Rhythm of Life”. Fabulous!
Pewsey Belles Ladies Choir
The Pewsey Belles Directed by Jules Addison


The Belles have been performing for less than a year without holding their black folders and now there is no going back! They were beautifully engaged with the audience, delighting them with the song and even, occasionally, paying attention to Jules’ direction. Thank you for another Evening with the Pewsey Belles! Looking forward to hearing you again.

About the Author: Shelly Warde sings Second Soprano with The Pewsey Belles.

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