New Term – view from the Alto Section

There was a buzz of excitement around the room as everybody gathered together for our first rehearsal after our summer break, as we were all keen to catch up and sing again. With two daytime concerts coming up in the first week back, we very soon launched into the songs we had learned in the spring to see how much we had remembered.

Luckily for most of us it all came back to us, and our choirmaster Jules wasn’t too scathing. (To have him not scathing at all would make us think he was unwell or had been replaced with a replica and we’d all be a bit nervous!) It was good to be back, and we have been told we will be learning new songs in the next couple of weeks so if anybody wants to see if the Pewsey Belles is for them, now is a good time to join.

We meet on a Tuesday night in the Methodist Hall, Pewsey (to be ready to sing*) at 7.30pm till 9, and some of us go home feeling purged and there’s always some of us who have a drink afterwards in the Royal Oak.

*It would be nice if the ladies were ready to sing at 7.30pm! Realistically there is so much chatting and gossiping we never start much before 7.35pm… (Choirmaster)

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