Learning the Music Off By Heart

This last year has seen the Pewsey Belles performing without their black folders of music. At first the challenge of learning so many lyrics was so daunting that it terrified us. None of us believed that we could do it, and figured at best, we would just have to smile and hum along to the piano.

How wrong we were! It did take a fair amount of effort and we all have our own methods of getting the words to stick, but this effort has been nothing compared to the difference in our performance. Our singing can now truly be called a performance; we engage far more with the audience, and to the choirmaster’s delight occasionally glance in his direction particularly at the beginnings and ends of phrases!

It has brought us together as a choir. The buzz during this week’s practice for the concert this weekend at the Spring Sing in Calne was phenomenal. I think this is because, after taking away the comfort blanket folders, we realised that we are singing to an audience who are there to be entertained. This means we are focussing on the meaning of the lyrics and telling the story. Perhaps this is why it is called learning it off by heart. Once you do, your heart will sing out.

Good Luck Ladies for this weekend and the Concert at St. John’s Church Pewsey on the 23rd April. Can’t Wait!

About the author: Shelly Warde sings Soprano 2 in the Pewsey Belles

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